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So, the new home is a bit of a fixer-upper? Bought with the deliberate intention of turning it from a dilapidated and neglected state to a home one can be proud of and want to show to everyone. Possibly the first foray into the world of property development and interior designers. No idea where to start? Then it’s a good thing there are professional interior designers, interior designing services available to take the strain and do all the thinking and hard work. Interior designing services, interior designers encompass so much more than a simple floor plan and deciding where all the furniture will go. It caters to every tiny detail; whatever a potential customer want to realize their dream house, an interior designing services provider worth their salt will be able to handle it. And if not, they will have the contacts to hand to resolve the issue.

This article will serve as the customer’s guide to what to expect from the general interior designing services, including the services they should provide that the customer may not have expected.


There are many phases in a major architectural undertaking like those of interior designers. As such, it can take weeks or months of preparation for the final execution – yet another reason why hiring a professional interior designer, interior designing services is a worthy investment.

Below are listed the process used by most interior designers, interior designing services. Naturally, as with many construction and property development services and products, these will vary from company to company, so they should not treat as Gospel. Just take it as a general guideline to get an idea of what to expect.

Interior designing consultation

It could take place at the offices of the chosen interior designing services provider, but most will prefer to visit the customer for a “home consultation.” Chances are this will be the property on which the interior designer, interior designing services required. If not that case, make sure all paperwork, sketches, brainstorms, and written ideas are to hand and organized.

When the interior designers come to the house, they will listen to the ideas already in the customers’ minds, plus offering their suggestions to rein in the more outlandish and less feasible ideas. They should come with their set of visual information: samples, swatches, catalogs so the customer can make some pattern and color choices early in the process.

Be warned that, unlike some property development services that provide consultations, interior designer, interior designing service consultations will probably not be free. However, if one does careful research, some companies may charge for the consultation but may either refund it after the customer spends a certain amount on interior designing services or subtract it from the overall quotation.

Interior mood board design and quotation

Depending on the interior designers, the customer may provide a mood board. Otherwise, a detailed plan or set of blueprints offered detailing the final design, which the interior designing services provider should continually consult with the customer over.

When all said and done at this stage, this is when an estimate of the cost of the entire project most likely given.

If the customer agrees with the quote, then there is very little else to do except wait for the interior designer, interior designing services to take place.

Interior designing project delivery and execution

That’s it – the time has come to watch the dream slowly unfold. If the client is a full-time worker with little time to themselves, it’s a common enough thing that (probably for a surcharge) the interior designers, interior designing services will include start–to–finish project management.

It takes so much strain, and the stress of the customer; all the different people, budgets, and timescales to manage when also attending to a job and kids will end in one massive headache. If the interior designing services include project management, pay the extra fee – it will be so worth it when there are fewer sleepless nights involved.


As previously mentioned, interior designing services rarely comprise merely designating where everything will go in a house and how it will look. They generally don’t leave the customer to their devices from then on.

In some cases, they may outsource to external companies, but it is common to see many interior designers, interior designing services providers help their customers with some of the following services.

To save stress, when taking on any of these additional services it’s best to have hired the interior designer, interior designing services as project managers; they can do all the liaising on the customer’s behalf.

Carpeting and Floor Laying

There is little point in designing a room if the flooring is going to get left out. And it’s always a tricky decision – “would this room look better with a fluffy white carpet or hardwood laminate flooring and a Persian Rug?”

There is no one right answer, but the interior designing services provider should be able to help towards making a concrete decision. The interior designers who carry out the consultation may include floor covering choices among the samples and catalogs they show the customer.

If looking to hire, find the interior designer, interior designing service provider who will come, and do any preparations to the sub-flooring as required, plus lay the carpet or flooring once delivered. It may ultimately prove cheaper than outsourcing to an external floor laying company. Not to mention less stressful without having to coordinate the two services, so they’re all on the same page.

Curtains and Blinds

It is another thing the interior designing services will commonly be happy to handle themselves. A room looks weird without anything flanking or covering the windows. Be it a pair of curtains or drapes to help accentuate a well–thought–out the color scheme, or a set of blinds.

Either way, it would be in the interior designers’ best interests to ensure these services included, as it will pull their designs together and make for a better customer experience.

That does not mean that one should become complacent and assume that the interior designers, interior designing services will do this. If it isn’t stated or indicated on the interior design company website, it’s best practice to inquire during the consultation stage. If the interior designers, interior designing services also provide curtain and blind installation, the interior designers conducting the consultation may have some pattern swatches on hand.

Alternatively, the customer could go about purchasing the curtains themselves if they have found a pattern they like and put them up at their convenience.

Painting and Decorating

When you are looking for a house dressed to impress, a do–it–yourself approach is not the way to go. Unless this is to be the home of a professional designer, allow the interior designer, interior designing services to take care of any painting and decorating services required for every room.

It will ensure that every coat of paint carried out consistently and every brushstroke is accurate. Wallpapering, for any feature walls? Check the Tiling for the kitchen and bathrooms. Check any artwork, stenciling or decorative finishes desired.

It is common that the interior designing services will include painting and decorate anyway, but if not, they will probably have a list of external companies they regularly outsource for these jobs.

Furniture Co-ordination, Installation, Upholstery

A well–decorated and the designed room is all very well, but not when it’s empty. Spacious rooms often desired, but some expertly coordinated furniture will pull it together.

Colour schemes, styles, and themes will all be second nature to the professional interior designer, interior designing services provider, and they will know the right places to get the furniture to match the rooms they have planned. This sort of thing may be among the catalogs they show off during the consultation stage mentioned earlier.

Less commonly, but still, a possibility, is an upholstery service. It is ideal for customers who don’t necessarily want to part with their pre-existing furniture. Or the fixer-upper property came furnished, but none of the pieces go with the desired design. Pay the interior designing services an extra fee, and they may reupholster the lot.

All in the spirit of coordinating every element and component of a room, to realize the customer’s interior design dream.


Interior Decoration

Just bought a property that’s a little past its prime? A house or apartment that’s a bit of a fixer-upper? Maybe it was purchased that way on purpose – with the express intention of transforming it from its current state to a work of art in property form. A place that no one will be able to resist. That sounds awesome so far but designing and decorating a home isn’t something lightly approached with a do–it–yourself mindset. That’s where interior decorators and professional interior decoration services come in. They can handle all the stress involved, and the customer can leave all the thinking and hard work to them.

Interior decoration services consist of so much more than a mere painting and decorating job. They usually come part–and–parcel with a full interior design service – after all, most of the interior design is based on decorating. The details that don’t have much bearing on the structure, wiring, or overall architecture of a property fall to the attention of the interior decorators. Mostly, the power to deliver whatever a potential customer wants to make their dream property a reality often ultimately resides with the interior decorators.

This article will serve as the customer’s guide for selecting the right interior decoration service provider for your project. It will explore what a customer should expect from the general interior decoration services, including the preliminary services taking place before final execution. It will also discuss extras that the customer may even not expected from the interior decorator.


It is extremely rare to find interior decoration services that are not already part of an interior design company. Obvious though it may be, there are many stages involved when it comes to a major architectural undertaking like interior design. And getting the interior decorators in is just one of them.

Weeks, even months of preparation come beforehand – a good reason for hiring professional interior designers, with the interior decoration services in tow.

Because one rarely comes without the other, below are listed the preliminary phases of a general interior design company. The interior decoration services come much later in the game, but it is best practice to know every aspect.

As with many construction and property development services and products, the process will probably be different with every company visited. Therefore, it is important to remember the below list is a general guideline to get an idea of what to wait for, rather than the only way things done with interior design and interior decoration services.

Interior decoration consultation

The first stage of interior decoration services is a consultation with the customer. It will often be for going over the overall interior design and could take place at the offices of the interior design company. However, most will instead visit the customer at the property for a “home consultation.” It will give the interior designers and interior decorators the chance to see what they are working with up close and see what is and isn’t feasible. They can make recommendations and suggestions for the customer’s acceptance or rejection as applicable.

As a customer, it is important to make sure all ideas and brainstorms are written down somewhere and to hand for sharing with the interior decorators on-demand, along with any paperwork or sketches. 

Alongside offering their expert and qualified opinions on what decorations may suit a room or property, the designer or interior decorators will most probably come with their own set of visual aids for the customer. For decoration purposes, this will most commonly consist of wallpaper samples and swatches, plus paint color charts and photos from past projects. Customers can also look at the interior decoration services’ company websites for inspiration. 

The customer should beware that, unlike some services which provide consultations, interior design and interior decorators’ consultations may not be free of charge. Things like this are where careful and diligent research can pay the customer back in spades (of savings). They may find companies where consultation fees refunded once the customer spends a minimum amount of available services – including interior decoration services. There are also other companies that subtract the consultation fees from the overall quotation after completion of the project.

Interior decoration mood board design and estimate

The mood board is more of a creative preference on the part of the designer or interior decorators. Customers will not always find if they do produce one, this will provide to the customer to ensure it meets the look and feels they wanted.

At this stage, most likely one will get an estimate of the cost of the entire project, and the interior decoration services will form a part of this quote.

Interior decoration project delivery and execution

With that, the dream slowly unfolds, and all the customer must do is sit back and watch. It is handy to note that if the customer works full-time and has little time to manage other affairs, they will find that most interior design companies include project management in their services. An interior decorator – project manager, will look after all aspects of the project, including coordination of any interior designers on-site (if they are not already one and the same).


As mentioned at the start, interior decoration services form a major part of those provided overall by interior design companies. As such, several of the other services offered by these firms also fall under the interior decorators’ jurisdiction.

In some cases, where necessary or applicable, the interior decorators may outsource these services to other companies, but it’s likely that the interior decoration services providers will include all the below listed as part of their product range. 

Carpeting and Rug Laying

A room will never look right without some perfectly–coordinated floor coverings. Deciding on full carpeting in each room and catering that to the color scheme or settling for hardwood laminate flooring and a stylish rug to go in the middle is always a tricky one.

There may be no right or false answer, but the question is: why make the decision alone? It’s nothing the interior decoration services provider can’t handle for the customer. Selecting floor coverings may be one of the things covered when the interior decorators or designer does the home consultation. 

Finding interior decoration services who will tackle any preparations for the sub-flooring might be a rarity; if they’re a separate entity, it’s something to speak to the interior design company about instead. They will be able to provide a more concrete answer and hopefully will have someone on the payroll who can take care of that side of things.

Curtains and Blinds

If the designation and installation of curtains and blinds do not count under interior decoration services, then little else will either. They are a necessity in pulling the look of a room together; otherwise, it just looks weird without anything up by the windows.

A well-chosen pair of curtains or drapes matched up and coordinated to an overall color scheme in a living room or bedroom looks stupendous. It can just as easily go wrong without the expert interior decoration services help available.

It is, therefore, best practice for the interior decorators to see that this kind of service provided with the basic paint jobs. It will finish off their designs correctly, not to mention improves the customer experience to no end.

That is not to say, that the customer can’t go out and buy the curtains they want. Especially, if they have already found a pattern or style, they want in their home. They can install them themselves at their convenience.

However, if customers are going to do this, they must make sure they bring it up at the consultation. Not doing so will pose a risk to the interior decorators designing something unsuitable for the curtains purchased.

Decorative Painting and Finishing

So, there is some painting and decorating involved in interior decoration services. What the real pros will be able to provide are a few extras. Decorative finishes, as they are known.  

If the customer fancies something Bohemian adorning a feature wall, Escher painting, or an optical illusion to serve as a conversation starter, the interior decorators will be able to provide it.


Ornamental - Decorative Metalworks

Décor has an often unappreciated impact on the environment. Mood, energy level, and comfort are just a few of the things affected by the setting. Untrained eyes can often make well-intentioned mistakes when selecting enhancements for any area. For example, a designer without experience in decorative - ornamental metalwork services might put decorative, ornamental metalwork in an outdoor shower. Unfortunately, putting decorative metalwork in a wet and humid environment will only result in rusting that will stain the wall on which it hung. Decorative, ornamental metalworks have seen a considerable rise in popularity recently. Knowing what piece to select is a challenge for most without the advice of decorative - ornamental metalwork design services.

A great deal of experience goes into choosing a piece of decorative metalwork, and without the aid of a decorative metalwork design services provider, what was intended to become a good investment might turn into a disaster. This article should be considered a beginner’s guide to understanding what decorative, ornamental metalwork is, what goes into selecting a piece of decorative metalwork, and the value decorative metalwork design services add.



When talking about decorative, ornamental metalwork, it is essential to start with an explanation of the metalworking process. In its most simplistic form, metalworking is the process of manipulating metal to form a new creation. The very first evidence of metalworking emerged in Iran in 8,700 BC when explorers discovered not only signs of a copper mine, but also a copper pendant. 


Metalwork itself can run the gamut regarding sizes, from the smallest screw to a giant battleship. Though heavily steeped in scientific principles, many consider decorative, ornamental metalwork as an art form acknowledging the skill it takes to bend metal to the will of the metal worker. Over the centuries, as people began to unearth different ways to mold metals, a specialization emerged in creating decorative, ornamental metalwork. 


Decorative, ornamental metalwork is when the artist uses metal to form exciting or beautiful designs to improve the appearance of an object or place. The decorative, ornamental metalwork might have a practical function, but the primary focus of ornamental - decorative metalwork is to improve the aesthetic appeal.


Creating a decorative, ornamental metal workpiece takes not only artistic thinking but also the skill of a trained craftsman.  Understanding the principles of metallurgy – the study of how metals behave in different situations – is central for successful creating a piece of decorative metalwork. The most common examples of decorative, ornamental metalwork are metal sculptures; wrought iron designs hung on walls and doors, intricate railings, custom table legs, etc. Many of these structures require thin, curved shapes, and often support heavy items, like tabletops. It is critical to understand the behavior of metals so that the decorative, ornamental metal workpieces can be formed into the desired shape. They will hold that shape for the lifetime of the metalwork and support the weight of any objects which might be placed on top of them, as in the case with table legs.


A wide array of metals can be used to create decorative, ornamental metalwork. For home décor, wrought iron is standard as well as steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, etc.


Usually, the metalworking process requires heating the metal until just sort of the melting point, a method called annealing, and then molding it into a new shape. Creating the unique form that will become the decorative, ornamental metalwork may involve cutting, drilling, filing, sanding, or hammering the softened metal into the unique structure. Artists can also join two independent shapes by screwing, using soldering, or welding. Once the final form is achieved, the decorative, ornamental metal workpiece can be polished to create a smooth finish. Alternatively, some artists prefer the “distressed” look and like to leave the decorative, ornamental metal workpiece in its natural state.


Since decorative, ornamental metal workpieces are, for the most part, designed to enhance the objects with which they are paired, a keen eye is needed to match the decorative metalwork with the intended environment. Some metalwork pieces can be costly, so it is essential to understand the fundamental aspects of design to select a decorative, ornamental metalwork creation that will be pleasing to the eye once in place. That is where professional decorative metalwork design services come into play.



Using professional decorative metalwork design services is often the most prudent way to create decorative, ornamental metal artwork. These professionals often have spent years learning and mastering the art of making things beautiful. Decorative, ornamental metalworks are often large and usually seen in open areas, such as large wall spaces in a home, the sides of buildings, or as decorative, ornamental metalwork in a garden, and many aspects may affect the decision where the piece should go.


First, there is the style of the decorative metal workpiece. Does the environment call for modern or traditional, realistic or abstract decorative metal workpieces?  Would be finished and polished look better, or would the more natural look accentuate the beauty of the decorative metal workpiece? Ornamental metalwork design services firms would know the answers to these questions.


Once the style is determined, selecting the appropriate decorative, ornamental metalwork is the next step. That is often an arduous process for the inexperienced – merely finding a retail store may be hard enough. And, if they don’t have what is needed, what other options are there? Making use of decorative metalwork design services will save countless hours searching on sites, stores, combing flea markets or visiting auction houses, etc. 


Size is another important facet of ferreting out which piece of decorative, ornamental metalwork is ideal for a specific location. Too big, and the decorative metalwork will overwhelm everything else around it; too small and it will just look out of place. Again, the trained eye of an experienced decorative metalwork design services provider will know what will harmonize with the environment. 


Decorative design services firms advise that the essential part of a decorative, ornamental metal workpiece is where and how it is placed. Many pieces of decorative, ornamental metalwork in the home or commercial environments are attached to the wall.  Others situated in entry tables and hallways. A design services specialist will be able to provide guidance on the best place to reach the maximum effect. Whether it is on the table or the floor, hung alone or in the middle of a group of other pieces of the decorative, ornamental metalwork, the direction of a decorative design services professional will ensure that an investment in decorative metalwork will enhance the environment.


One final aspect of decorative, ornamental metalwork is suitable lighting. Once the perfect piece is in the ideal place, the right lighting can make even the most straightforward part come alive. Consultation with decorative, ornamental metalwork design company can determine where the light source should be placed, how bright, what color the light should be. Decorative design services firms can provide sage counsel on these do and don’ts.


All these factors can be overwhelming to the beginner and seek out decorative design services from a professional will help immensely. Often, interior decorative design services offer ancillary services to make the art selection process more comfortable. Ornamental design services firms will usually be available to do all the legwork, including visiting all the necessary locations to find the perfect piece and supervising the installation of the ornamental metalwork for that all-important ideal placement.


Additionally, decorative design services firms usually know the local laws and building codes. Knowing whether a large sculpture can be placed within 20 feet of the curb or how it should be placed in the foyer so as not to obstruct safety requirements are the types of technicalities a decorative design services firm will know.



Seasoned decorative design services experts can assess all these factors and provide expert guidance on selecting decorative, ornamental metalwork that is perfect for space. While attempting to choose decorative, ornamental metalwork independent of decorative design service might seem appealing, decorative design services firms can help to avoid costly – and sometimes embarrassing – mistakes. Decorative metalwork design services professionals offer the expertise that can only come through experience and education, and when selecting decorative metalwork, involving them in the process can add to the success of the outcome.



Celebration Lighting

If you’ve ever tried to plan a large-scale party or event, undoubtedly, you’ve considered lighting. Whether it’s a holiday party with a festive Christmas tree, or a mid-summer party outdoors in need of the gentle glow of hanging lanterns, lighting is a vital part of defining the ambiance and look of any space, and that goes double for parties and celebrations. While some party planning and other design firms may offer lighting services themselves, for the best results and the most significant projects, it’s best to seek out celebration and tree lighting services.

These professionals work in all different manners of lighting design and deployment. They typically have a wide range of lighting options to choose from, that can be temporarily installed and set up for a party or celebration and left in place for a time (even weeks in some cases), then uninstalled and packed away. Celebration and tree lighting services can help provide the kind of high-class festive environment you need, without breaking the bank, since you aren’t purchasing the lighting – effectively just renting it, and paying for the design, installation, and removal labor.


Despite this, many people are unaware of exactly what celebration and tree lighting services offer. Below, we’ll explore what celebration and tree lighting services are, what they do, the benefits of hiring them (versus trying to perform similar tasks yourself), and offer some advice on how to choose the best celebration and tree lighting services for your celebration, festivity, or project.



As introduced above, celebration and tree lighting services are service companies that provide lighting services for parties, festivals, events, and holiday needs. They can vary significantly in size, personnel, what specific lighting services they offer, and so on. But, in general, like any service company, they are meant to provide consumers with something that is not so easy or cost-effective for them to do themselves. Purchasing and installing lighting for various celebrations or festivities, including tree lighting for the end-of-year holidays, on a large scale, is not something that most people can afford or manage on their own. While we all don’t have a Rockefeller Center-style Christmas tree to light up, medium to large-sized businesses, commercial spaces, cities, and towns, and so on may have significant holiday lighting needs. Likewise, weddings, parties, events, festivals, and so on, of all sizes, can benefit significantly from dynamic and exciting lighting, primarily for outdoor events, that is the domain of celebration and tree lighting services.



The range of offerings from the celebration and tree lighting services varies based on their size and capabilities. In general, though, many offer design and consultations, where they walk consumers through their different lighting options and service levels. They typically keep a stock of different lighting options, controllers, wiring, and other associated accessories. Then, when the consumer chooses what they’d like, they often develop a design plan or rendering, sometimes based on actual photos or visits to the event location. Then, when it comes time to prep for the event, they implement the design plan, installing the requested lighting, and testing everything to ensure it is working, easy to control, and ready-to-go. Following the event or period the lighting is in use, the celebration and tree lighting services company will then uninstall the lighting, taking it back to their warehouse for the next client.


The time and scope of work can also vary considerably from company to company. Some celebration and tree lighting services may only focus on holiday tree lighting and holiday decorations or may have specific project sizes in mind, like municipalities, malls, and so on. Others may be far more diversified, offering a full range of celebration and tree lighting services throughout the year, for different occasions and events, of all sizes and budgets. And some may have design and consultation services, while others may only have stock packages available for specific events or occasions, depending on their inventory and capabilities. There can be a great deal of variability, and so it’s essential that the specific service offerings be considered as part of choosing a celebration and tree lighting services company for your project, as we will explore in more detail in our final section of this guide.



There are many good reasons to hire celebration and tree lighting services, rather than trying to emulate their services on your own. For one, these service companies are professionals and experts in their field. The quality of their work and the ultimate quality of the finished product you and your visitors/guests/partygoers will see is going to be a good deal higher than anything you could achieve on your own as an amateur. For another, they typically have a wide range of choices and options in stock, whereas your lighting availability may be limited by local stores, seasonality, and so on. 


Additionally, and perhaps most importantly for many people, it’s one more aspect of the party, celebration, festival, or event planning that doesn’t need to take a ton of your time or focus. By contracting out the role of a celebration and tree lighting services, you can focus on more important things, or other aspects of the planning that do require a lot more personal attention. Finally, like anything else, money is a relevant consideration. In most cases, it’s far more economically feasible to hire a celebration and tree lighting services company than to purchase lighting, undertake designs, do the installation and removal work, and other tasks yourself or in-house. Besides, when you’re done with all that, lighting, control circuitry, and wiring equipment likely then to sit in a warehouse, storage, or even be disposed of. That’s a real waste, when celebration and tree lighting services can offer more options, just for the period you need them, and make the installation and removal process stress-free, without the need for you to purchase any equipment or assets. It just makes plain and straightforward financial sense for many of the companies and organizations that require the kind of functions that celebration and tree lighting services have to offer.



Now, for most people, hiring a celebration and tree lighting services company is not something you do every day. It may be something that you only do once or twice in your lifetime (unless you are in the party or celebration planning business – but then you probably didn’t need this guide in the first place). However, some careful research can allow you to make an informed choice of celebration and tree lighting services companies to best suit your needs. Specifically, looking at six key categories of consideration, and asking some related questions, can provide you a good foundation for comparing the different celebration and tree lighting services that are available, and finding the best one for you.